With an email forwarding enabled for a specific e-mail address, all incoming email messages will be sent to a third-party e-mail address which you have picked although the latter will not be in the list of recipients and also, the email sender will never be informed where their message goes. Feel free to use this function in case you have multiple email addresses because it will be more convenient to get all of the inbound messages in one email address as an alternative to signing in and out of various ones constantly or setting up a number of mail boxes within an email client. In case you manage a business or an organization, the email forwarding is also a way to check out all emails received by different departments for improved coordination. You can also make use of this function the opposite way round - an e-mail sent to a standard email address can be sent to multiple people.

E-mail Forwarding in Hosting

The Hepsia Control Panel, which comes with all of our hosting packages, will help you to forward any e-mail in the account to a second one without any difficulty. You can do this either throughout the creation of a new email address or at any time afterwards in case you choose that you require this feature. During the process, you will be able to decide if you prefer a backup of the messages to be kept on the server. In this way, you'll have a backup and you will prevent the possibility to lose an e-mail if the forwarding is to an exterior address, that's briefly unavailable. This feature can be activated and deactivated whenever you want, but if you use e-mail for crucial matters, it is better to use it, because no records of the e-mails are maintained on the server when the option is not active. In case you decide that you do not need forwarding anymore, it takes simply a click to disable it.

E-mail Forwarding in Semi-dedicated Servers

With a semi-dedicated server package from us, it will take just a few clicks to forward any of your emails located in your account to a third-party email address. You will be able to do that in the feature-rich Email Manager section of the Hepsia Hosting Control Panel and during the task you could also decide if a copy of your email messages should be maintained on our servers or not. The aforementioned feature is optional, but rather valuable because you will have a copy of your incoming e-mails, so even if anything happens with the other mailbox, you simply will not lose any data. You can enable or deactivate the forwarding for every email address at any moment and forward the messages to various addresses if you want. You'll be able to check out a listing of all mailboxes that are now being forwarded and exactly where the emails are being forwarded to.