Via the Domain Name Manager bundled inside the Online Control Panel, you are able to take care of all your domain names without hassles, from the exact same place you handle your websites. Furthermore, the Domain Name Manager is loaded with all the tools you will need in order to proficiently handle every aspect of your domains.

Numerous Domain Name

Manage Whois, name servers, customized DNS

No matter how many domain names you’ve got, you’re able to deal with them with merely a mouse click from the EagleProHost.Com Domain Name Manager! It is possible to modify the WHOIS information, alter the name servers as well as install custom DNS records to as many domains as you would like straight from your Online Control Panel.

Making use of the Domain Name Manager, you will have immediate access to the files of your respective domains and will be capable to manage the incorporated email accounts on top of that. Additionally, it will be possible to watch the web numbers for each of your domains. The bulk solution will allow you to register and renew quite a few domains at the same time.

Hepsia File Manager

DNS Records

Maintain all your DNS records with simply a click of the mouse

The DNS supervision interface of the Online Control Panel boasts a choice to create and edit numerous DNS records for any of the domain names that you have registered or moved to your account. These records consist of A, AAAA, MX, CNAME, SRV and TXT records. When you have modified a DNS record but would like to reestablish the original values, that can be done with merely a click of the mouse on the Revert button.

Utilizing the DNS Manager, you might also register name servers which are based upon your domain, for instance: dns1.your– and dns2.your– This will help you make your brand a lot more well known to your users!

Hepsia File Manager

Domain Parking

Park your domain names within just 1 step

Domain Parking is a good solution which can be used to invest in captivating domain names and put them online and never having to have websites. You can park as many domain names as you want within the Domain Name Manager of your Online Control Panel. Parking a domain will make it display an ’Under Construction’ webpage, a "for sale" webpage, or even forward the domain name completely to another website.

As soon as you’ve got your website prepared, you are able to host back your domain name with simply one mouse click! Your newly uploaded site will get on the internet immediately.

Hepsia File Manager

Domain Redirection

Inbuilt domain re–direction

If you wish to redirect your domain name to an alternative website address, it can be done with just a click in the Domain Name Manager. Our company offers a simple to use tool for domain re–direction. What you need to do is type in the address in which you choose to divert your domain to. You can actually forward it to an alternative domain name with your website hosting account or even to every other domain name on the web.

And if you need to forward the domain to your Linux hosting service account – click on on the ’Host Domain’ button and our platform shall execute what’s left.

Hepsia File Manager

Whois Privacy Protection

Protect your personal information

Your personal domain registration data is publicly published by rule. On the plus side, there’s a option to stop it from displaying online by making usage of WHOIS Privacy Protection! With this particular service, your WHOIS details won’t show on the internet if someone else constitutes a WHOIS lookup for your domain name.

Nevertheless, if a person truly must make contact with you relating to your domain name, they can makes use of the email indexed in the WHOIS information and we’ll forward it for you immediately.

Hepsia File Manager

SSL Certificates

Secure your clients’ info

The best way to ensure security for the very sensitive data of your online users is usually to add an SSL Certificate in your site. It’s going to secure the link involving the customers and your website, to make certain that all sent info for example credit card info are kept secure.

In the Domain Name Manager, it’s easy to ask a brand new SSL certificate for your web site. You can pick among two types of SSL Certificates – standard (for just one web site) and also Wildcard (for every hosts with a domain).

Hepsia File Manager