The cPanel Control Panel used to be the proven No 1 player amongst website hosting managing interfaces a few years ago. The moment hosting shot to popularity, the cPanel system couldn’t adjust to the new standards and match the preferences of the developing web hosting industry anymore.

The EagleProHost.Com Control Panel was made to work on a cloud hosting hosting platform and can speedily be customized whenever a completely new functionality is designed. It’s really a one–stop website management solution for managing your online presence including your domains, sites, invoicing as well as your tech support inquiries.

1. Domain/billing/site settings

The EagleProHost.Com Control Panel will let you effortlessly control all of your domain names, e–mail messages and websites with a click of the mouse. That way, it will be easier to control all aspects of your online presence from just one location.

If you ever need different site management interfaces – one for your web sites, and another from which you can manage your domain names and invoicing, then cPanel is good for you. Nonetheless, you’ll have to sign into two URLs simultaneously to successfully maintain your online presence.

2. File Structure

In the EagleProHost.Com Control Panel, all your websites and subdomains are going to be independent from each other. Each web site will have its own directory separated from the rest inside the /home/ folder of your hosting account. You can quickly change from concentrating on one web site to managing another.

Using the cPanel Control Panel, you’ll have a single account for your primary website and if you need to include additional web sites within the very same account, they’ll be integrated as subfolders of your main web site. This can make maintaining multiple websites definitely difficult.

3. File Manager

The EagleProHost.Com Control Panel provides an intuitive File Manager, which enables you to publish data files just by dragging them in your Internet browser. You’ll have instant access to all functions by means of useful right–click context navigation. You can also use program code and WYSIWYG managers. All characteristics are are super easy to work with.

The File Manager of cPanel is slow and limited in characteristics. Adding a number of data files demands a great deal of time and doesn’t include drag–n–drop support. The builtin zip/unarchive tool is unreliable and the file editing instruments offer solely basic controls. There isn’t quick access to the included file managing capabilities.

4. Cost–free Extras

Using the EagleProHost.Com Control Panel, you you’ll find many no–cost bonuses created by us. They come absolutely free with each web hosting package, which utilizes our Control Panel. With each package, you can utilize tools such as the Web Site Installer Tool, the Web Applications Installer, the PHP Framework Installer, the Complimentary Site Building Tool, a set of Advanced Applications, and a lot more.

The no–cost add–ons included in the cPanel Control Panel could differ from zero to several. All of the cost–free gifts in the cPanel Control Panel are commercial software and will be at hand on condition that your hosting company has purchased a certificate to supply them. So, if your service provider 100–percent–free extras along with your package, they will actually scale up the cost of the package.

5. Control Panel Tool Speeds of Operation

The EagleProHost.Com Control Panel works with our own Linux hosting service. It has been designed to perform on our set of hardware parts and work with our selection of software tools. This makes it run a lot quicker in comparison with almost any other Control Panel interface in the marketplace. And it’s more secure too.

cPane is built to be placed on a wide range of web servers using different equipment set–ups. Therefore, it isn’t completely geared up to function with a specific system, which may have compromising result on performance rates and security. Also, It can be even slower at times of large web server load.

6. Multi–domain Administration

Using the EagleProHost.Com Control Panel, you are able to control a variety of domain names and websites from one location. Transitioning between domain name management and website management is done just by changing to another area of the Control Panel. It is not necessary to sign into a different user interface to manage your sites.

If you try to host different domain names in a cPanel account, you will end up facing a quite confusing directory structure. In general, cPanel web hosting accounts are engineered to deal with only 1 domain. In this manner, if you want to deal with 10 domains concurrently, for instance, you will have to configure 10 different accounts. Otherwise, all of the extra domain names’ files will be based in the folder of the primary domain name.

7. Control Panel Navigation

In the EagleProHost.Com Control Panel, you’ll be presented with the newest statistics for your web sites and with easy access icons to the most often used parts. And also, you can easily navigate within the Control Panel, due to the top menu bar, which contains hyperlinks to all offered Control Panel sections.

In the cPanel Control Panel, the main page is the only place that has hyperlinks to the numerous areas. If you go inside a menu and need to easily change to another, you’ll need to return to the home page and navigate from that point. Such type of navigation can easily slow down your task when you need to quickly execute a number of tasks simultaneously.

8. Test Control Panel Accounts

The EagleProHost.Com Control Panel also has a full–fledged demo account. All sections are offered to you and you can use them to make brand new email accounts and data–bases, handle your files, and so on. If you appreciate how things stand, you’ll be able to sign up straight from the demo interface.

The cPanel Control Panel demo is in fact a screenshot of what’s within the primary menu. Virtually every functionality that’s featured there is disabled. This way, when you sign up, you will have no clue how the displayed tools and functions of the Control Panel in reality work.

Rather than reading about the EagleProHost.Com Online Control Panel, you can easily have a look at our Live Demo and discover for yourself how simple site managing may very well be.

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